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High Desert Cyclists Munz Ride, July 28, 2012

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Colin Baird of the High Desert Cyclists announces their latest Saturday morning ride for July 28, 2012:

Okay everyone, here is our first test to see how you are doing with a little climbing. During this ride we’ll ride in the paceline we worked on a few weeks ago, you’ll learn a little about eating for longer rides as we will talk about when to eat, and when not to, and we’ll do a few intervals along the way.

Since everyone will have different intervals and periods doing the intervals, it will be important that we meet at predesignated spots. Please plan on regrouping at L and 90th, Avenue I and 110th West, and Munz Ranch Road. We also wait at the top of Munz to make certain all riders get there okay.

This is a no one gets dropped ride so please be curteous of others and make sure they finish. This ride will probably take 3-4 hours for most folks, so please bring the appropriate supplies for food and drink.

We will stop at the Rock Store in Lake Hughes, and again in Leona Valley. The roads are sketchy in spots, so please be careful while following in the paceline.

Drivers are inconsiderate on Elizabeth Lake Road sometimes so be prepared. Helmets are required.

Visit the route at The ride leader will be Colin Baird.