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Homework for Winning Campaigns Training

Preparing for the Training

1. It is critical that you spend some time now to prepare, so that you and your organization will get the most out of the weekend. This is your homework.
Our training works best when several people from the same organization work together on the same campaign. Do the homework assignment with others from your organization that are coming to the training. If you are the only one from your organization coming, consult with others from your organization before the training. Working with other members of your organization will allow you to better represent them at the training, and you will be able to work with them more effectively when you return as a highly trained winning campaign leader!
It’s not too late to invite someone to join you at the training, but only if they can attend for the entire session. Generally, it is NOT appropriate or effective for a participant to attend just a portion of the weekend. If you have someone that wants to register, encourage them to do so as quickly as possible.

2. E-mail the top three campaigns you are considering to Jeremy Grandstaff at by Monday, October 10.
To prepare for your training, please make time to brainstorm with your organization colleagues and other stakeholders about the issues that are most pressing in your community. We teach in the context of an actual campaign so that by the end of the weekend you will not only know how to develop a winning campaign plan, you’ll have a roadmap to success on an issue that’s important to you.
In coming up with potential campaign ideas, keep these points in mind: 
a. Think campaigns, not programs. A campaign begins and ends (hopefully with a victory party!). A program, on the other hand, is something that could continue indefinitely. Although you’ll have the opportunity over the weekend to learn about program management, the training is focused on campaigns. For example, we won’t teach how to manage an annual Safe Routes to School program, but we will teach how to win a policy requiring your jurisdiction to have a well-funded Safe Routes to School program in the first place. 
b. Review the Campaigns section of the Alliance Resources library, which contains examples of specific campaigns that other Alliance organizations have undertaken including campaigns for 3-foot passing laws, car-free space, complete streets policies, and winning safe and accessible infrastructure for bicycling and walking. You should also review the advocacy advance reports, which will assist you in identifying other potential winning campaigns. (If you need help accessing the library, call Mike Samuelson, the Member Services and Open Streets Coordinator, at (202) 449-9692 x 7)

c. Think about what makes a good campaign. In addition to the other Winning Campaigns Training materials, which we will use during the training, you can find the Campaign Checklist here, which will guide you through the process of choosing the right campaign. Will it increase bicycling and walking, or decrease crashes, permanently? Will it be divisive? Does it build the political power of your organization? As you work with your fellow advocates, keep these points and others from the checklist in mind so that you can bring several good potential campaigns to the training. (Many of our participants already know what campaign they want to work on. That’s great! However, please still bring three potential campaigns because the opening exercise, where we compare the potential campaigns according to various criteria, is one of the most valuable sessions of the training.)

If you are having trouble developing campaign ideas, contact Jeremy Grandstaff at for one-on-one coaching. Sending us your top three campaigns by Monday, October 14 also gives us an opportunity to provide additional feedback and assistance in preparing for the training.

3. Bring sample materials and share with others!
We’ll have a table available for sample materials from your organizations (newsletters, brochures, event flyers, etc.). Please bring samples to share. This is a great way to cross-pollinate the best ideas from Alliance organizations. Additionally, think about what parts of your organization you are most proud of and that you can share with other leaders. Also, think about the areas of your organizations where you feel you can use the most insight from other leaders.

4. Access Alliance resources to build your organization
Why reinvent the wheel? Our “Top Ten Tips,” distilled from decades of experience of other organizations from across the continent, contain the best advice for bicycle and pedestrian advocates in the early stages of organization building. While organizational development is not the focus of the training, we will have experts in the field at hand, and we’ve built some flexible time into the schedule to address organizational development questions you may have. These tips are a good place to start and can be found in the Alliance Resource Library with additional resources on Fundraising, Membership Development, and more than 900 other resources to help you in your campaigns.

5. Consider spending some fun time outside of the training!
Please take a look at the logistical information attached to this e-mail and the schedule above. Our hosts, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, are looking forward to hosting an event that provides lasting connections and partnerships. Bring your bike or be sure to check out the logistical document if you’d like to take part in Saturday afternoon’s bike ride and need a bike. We also encourage you to join us for dinner on Saturday night; while this is optional, it will be lots of fun and we hope you can make it!
Please feel free to continue to contact me at any time before she training with your questions or needed follow up. Our trainers, Brighid O’Kenae and Ron Milam, are looking forward to seeing you in Los Angeles and to leading a very successful event!


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