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Be Designated a Bicycle Friendly Business

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Did you know that the League of American Bicyclsts not only encourages cities to become Bicycle Friendly through their Bicycle Friendly Communities program, but also has a program for Bicycle Friendly Businesses?

Businesses that are bicycle friendly can be considered for the August 2011 Bicycle Friendly Business designation by submitting an application on or before July 8, 2011. The next application deadline will be in January 2012.

Why would an Antelope Valley business want to apply for Bicycle Friendly status?

  • Employees who are encouraged to bike commute perform better at their jobs. They’re energized and more alert.
  • Employees who lead active lifestyles have lower costs for health care.
  • There is less absenteeism when the workforce is healthy.
  • Promoting bicycling is socially responsible.
  • Bicycle friendly businesses attract and retain employees.
  • Bicycle friendly businesses attract bicycling clientele and customers.
  • The City of Lancaster is developing a new bike plan and local businesses should be actively involved in the process. Local businesses will benefit from increased traffic from the cycling public.

Visit LAB’s Bicycle Friendly Business page to read the criteria for consideration, download and submit an application, receive technical assistance, and find out what kind of visibility your business will receive from the Bicycle Friendly Business Award,