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Winning Campaigns Training in October

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

The Alliance for Biking and Walking and the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition have joined forces to host a bootcamp in Los Angeles for cycling advocates from Friday, October 14, 2011, through Sunday, October 16, 2011. It’s called Winning Campaigns Training.

The Alliance’s Winning Campaigns Training is a three-day boot camp for bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations. This action-oriented workshop gives novice and veteran advocates the tools to create and manage powerful campaigns to increase biking and walking in their communities. Our proven curriculum is led by longtime advocates and national experts with firsthand experience conducting — and winning — bicycle and pedestrian campaigns.

At Winning Campaigns Trainings, you’ll learn how to:

  • Choose the right issue
  • Set realistic but visionary goals
  • Choose the best strategies, tactics and timelines
  • Map out the power structure in the community; support and leverage allies; neutralize and convert enemies
  • Communicate effectively, reaching the right audience with the right message through the right media
  • Raise money for the campaign
  • Strengthen your organization for the next, bigger victory!

I’m signed up to attend, but it would be great if others from the Antelope Valley cycling community register to go as well. Sign up here.

They’ve already sent some “homework” to do, which begins with brainstorming with others in our organization — AV High Desert Cyclists — to come up with 3 potential campaign ideas.

I’ll be posting this information to the High Desert Cyclists’ Google group and the AV Bicycle Coalition page on Facebook, asking for help with this “homework,” so that we gain as much as possible from this training.


Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Clif Bar has always been a company that cares about the environment. Since 40% of all urban travel in the United States occurs within 2 miles of people’s homes and 90% of that travel is usually done by car, Clif has created the 2 Mile Challenge as an opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change. It’s a competition to get as many car trips as possible replaced by bike trips instead.

Clif Bar is determined to inspire 100,000 avoided car trips and will be awarding $100,000 in grants to three nonprofit organizations: Alliance for Biking and Walking, Safe Routes to School, and

You can participate by going to Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge. Register, choose your team, and start replacing your car trips with bike trips. You’ll earn points, have fun riding and competing, and do something good for the earth in the process.