Biking in the AV


The joys and challenges of riding in the Antelope Valley

About Biking in the AV

I’m Michele Chavez, a member of the High Desert Cyclists, a regional affiliate of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, as well as a member of Bicycle John’s Lancaster’s Caffe Racers.

I started riding in 2005 as cross training for running. Since then, my interest in cyclist has gone from just for exercise to riding to do errands and leaving my car at home to riding to combat climate change. This year, I’m participating in the ClifBar Two Mile Challenge to support the Alliance for Biking and Walking. I also rode 30 Days of Biking.

The focus of this blog is on promoting cycling in the Antelope Valley, both recreationally and for transportation.


2 Responses to “About Biking in the AV”

  1. hugo hernandez Says:

    my name is Hugo, i like riding bike as recreation, i do it occationally on the weekends… i would apreciated if u could give me any advise on where to find more info about bike trail here in lancaster or any info on up coming riding events that i could join…thank you and hope to hear from you,

    hugo hernandez

  2. Michele Chavez Says:

    Hi Hugo,

    I see that you found the Meetup group. There is also a ride every other week out of Bicycle John’s Lancaster for beginning and intermediate level riders that is a more social ride.

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