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High Desert Cyclocross was tremendous fun!

January 16th, 2012 at 10:53
Rich Bartlett

Rich Bartlett of Team Block in the Men's A Race (photo courtesy of SoCalCross)

We walked over to Marie Kerr Park before dawn to help get the course ready for the High Desert Cyclocross races sponsored by AV High Desert Cyclists yesterday morning.

The day started out cold, cloudy, and windy. Eventually, the sun came out.

After we spent some time putting posts in the ground for tape to be wrapped around, I worked at the registration table for most of the day while Sarge banged a drum for the racers on the far side of the course.

I knew little about cyclocross before yesterday. I thought you needed a cyclocross bike to race. I had a vague notion that riders have to pick their bikes up and run with them at some points in the race.

Watching the races, it was easy to catch the excitement and thrill of the sport. The course was, indeed, set up with obstacles like the one in the photo. Another obstacle we could see from the registration desk involved what looked like railroad ties spaced evenly on a hill. Riders had to carry their bikes over this obstacle to the top of the hill.

Not having a cyclocross bike was not a problem, because racers could rent a cyclocross bike at the event. Other racers rode whatever bike they had. The one restriction I saw in the cyclocross literature was no bar ends.

Racers came from all over California to participate, some from as far away as Sacramento.

Race results are available online at


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