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Lancaster Mayor Parris challenges Palmdale Mayor Ledford to a bike race

January 11th, 2012 at 11:58

Last night, at the Lancaster City Council meeting, after discussion and approval of the Plan for Bikeways and Trails, Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris issued a formal challenge for Palmdale Mayor Ledford to compete in a bike race against each other. For real. I was there. I heard it with my own ears.

On the video of the council meeting, you can hear it at approximately 1:19:41. (The link is not direct, but takes you to a page where you can select the video.)

The idea for a race between mayors was originally proposed by High Desert Cyclists’ President Paul Avila, who is also the organizer of SoCal Cyclocross High Desert Cyclocross races on Sunday, January 15, 2012.

I think it’s a wonderful idea that would promote cycling in the Antelope Valley and generate excitement for the Tour of California in Palmdale in May.

Now the ball is in Mayor Ledford’s court. I hope that in the spirit of fun and the promotion of healthy lifestyles in the AV that he will accept this challenge


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