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Bike parking at Amargosa Commons

July 8th, 2011 at 13:25

This morning, I rode over to Amargosa Commons to document bike parking.

First, I rode behind the old Circuit City building and found that the gate to the bike path that runs along Amargosa Creek is padlocked.

Amargosa Creek bike path padlocked

Gate padlocked to Amargosa Creek bike path

If this gate and the gate on Ave P-8 were open, cyclists could ride from the Highland High School area to Amargosa Commons and the Target/Best Buy shopping centers across the street without having to venture onto either Rancho Vista Blvd or 10th St West, avoiding high-speed, heavy traffic.

Going back to the front of the shopping center, these two bike racks were located in front of Contempo Nails nail salon.

Nail salon bike parking

Two bike racks at Contempo Nails

At Big Tuna, I encountered Justin Kekauoha parking his bike at this bike rack.

Justin Kekauoha

Justin Kekauoha parked his bike at Big Tuna's bike rack

There was another bike rack placed in an awkward place near TJMaxx.

TJMaxx bike rack

TJ Maxx bike rack

The rest of the main part of the shopping center, including at the center anchor, Trader Joe’s, had no bike parking that I could see. If you find a bike rack there, please take a photo and send it to me.

Before turning to some of the outlying stores along 10th St West, I saw these two lovely, fenced-off landscaped areas. One of these could easily be turned into a “bike corral” without affecting car parking and would be convenient to Trader Joe’s and Petsmart.

Landscaped areas

Wouldn't one of these landscaped areas make a nice bike corral?

Steve Hofbauer, Palmdale City Councilmember, mentioned yesterday on Facebook that there is supposed to be bike parking at Rubio’s, so I made a point to look for it. Can you spot the bike parking there?


Where's the bike parking in this photo of Rubio's?

Yep, it’s wedged in between the fenced-in seating area and the trash enclosure. You won’t see it unless you ride around to the side.

Rubio's bike parking

Inconveniently located bike rack at Rubio's

Panera Bread’s bike rack is located to the right and around the corner from the entrance. It’s not in front of a window, so I don’t know if it is visible from inside. I didn’t go inside and look out to see, however.

Panera Bread bike rack

Bike rack at Panera Break

I found the last bike rack in Amargosa Commons at Bright Dental.

Bright Dental

Bright Dental's bike rack

These racks could be in more visible, more convenient locations. Amargosa Commons does deserve some good marks for choosing wave racks rather than wheel-bender racks.

I hope that when the City of Palmdale publishes its next bike map it will include the locations of bike racks within the city and advice on how to spot them. For now, send your photos of bike racks and their locations to this website and I’ll publish them.


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