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LanCoaster Ride 06/08/2011

June 9th, 2011 at 15:48

After meeting with with Paul Avila and Jennifer Klausner yesterday, I rode on up from Quartz Hill to Lancaster City Hall for the June LanCoaster Ride.

At least 100+ riders came out to ride, despite the wind. These were riders of all level. There was almost every type of bike imaginable, including an old-fashioned Penny-farthing.

Rich Bartlett leading May's LanCoaster Ride

We rode throughout the City of Lancaster, riding on side streets, the little-known Avenue K-8 bike path, and even Sierra Highway. As the ride continued, people on the street gave us thumbs-up and asked us what we were riding for. “Fun!” several riders called out.

As it turned dark, our white front lights, red back lights, and multi-colored wheel side lights illuminated the night. Sorry I didn’t get a photo of that.


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